Friday, July 20, 2007

Only 17 more days of David Elder

August 6th is the date folks that David Elder faces the judge to discuss and review exactly whether he is fiduciarily fit to be Piri's trustee (after holding back hundreds of thousands of dollars of Piri's money for nearly 7 years now even though a court ruled against him).

In typical cowardly fashion, the L.A. Superior Court filings show that David Elder has used his white-collar corporate lawyers to employ every delay legally possible to hide his corrupt activities undoubtedly costing Piri tens and tens of thousands of dollars in legal bills.

Please use every possible opportunity to publicly spread the word of this story and urge David Elder to face his rightful judgment August 6th.

Let's make sure there are ONLY 17 MORE DAYS OF DAVID ELDER!

Your thoughts and prayers will continue to strongly support Piri during this extremely difficult time in his life -- like Piri says, THERE IS UNITY AMONG US!!

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