Thursday, July 19, 2007

David Elder Countdown: Day 2

The primo blog Gothamist has just run another story featuring Piri's delinquent Trustee, David Elder (who has just 18 days left before a judge reviews the facts of the case and inevitably finds Elder unfit to administer Piri's trust).

According to Gothamist, David Elder is fiduciarily unfit for an entirely new reason as well -- he's dating a tenant of the building he manages! If this isn't unprofessionalism (and stupidity) of the highest order, I don't know what is. This is not a man who should be casting Piri's vote and determining Piri's financial future.

Please do everything you can to support our beloved Piri and to help him through this difficult time.

As for David Elder, it's 18 DAYS 'TIL JUDGMENT DAY. Fight the fight!

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Miss H said...

I have to consider dating a tenant a misdemeanor, a forgivable misdemeanor, unlike Elder other "crimes" against the hotel and artists.